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Last Day to Claim Your 2013 Tax Refund

Posted by on May 16, 2016
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The good news is that with PriorTax, we can help you over that hump we like to call procrastination. We’ll help you get that 2013 tax refund as quickly as possible with no hassle at all.

Don’t let this one slip through the cracks. The last day to claim your 2013 tax refund is April 15th, 2017!

Timing controls everything in life, from the expiration date on your milk carton to your child’s expected due date next Spring. Tax refunds are no exception. In fact, the IRS gives you three years from the initial deadline to claim that money.

The good news is that with PriorTax, we can help you over that hump we like to call procrastination. We’ll help you get that 2013 tax refund as quickly as possible with no hassle at all.

First things first… prepare your tax return online.

Now that you know you can still claim your refund, let’s get to work. Follow these steps now. Thank us later.

  1. Create your PriorTax account. It’s free to do this. You’ll even be able to see exactly how big of a refund you can expect before paying anything!
  2. Complete our easy online application. With your tax documents handy, this part will be super easy. We have it all laid out for you (no tax forms necessary).
  3. Submit your account. Once you’ve finished, then our tax team can take a look. We’ll make sure that you included all necessary information before the IRS gets their hands on it.
  4. Download your tax return. Once our team has reviewed your return, we’ll let you know when a copy is available to print, sign and mail to the IRS. Unfortunately, the IRS does not let you e-file after the tax deadline for that year, so you’ll need to take advantage of good ol’ fashioned snail mail.
  5. Wait for your refund. In my opinion, this part is always the hardest.

Let statistics be your guide.

Did you know that, for 2012 tax returns alone, tax refunds totaling more than $950 million were left unclaimed by taxpayers? That’s a nice chunk of change that the U.S. Treasury got to hold on to. Why lose out on money that you earned? Prepare your 2013 tax return today with PriorTax and see how easy it really is!

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4 Responses to “Last Day to Claim Your 2013 Tax Refund”

  1. John says:

    What date do I use when filing a late 2013 tax return?

  2. kevin bridges says:

    i paid for this and filed and its been over a year and still no refund. Complete waste of money.

    • Manisha Hansraj says:

      Hello Kevin,

      I was able to locate your account. We simply provide you with a PDF of your tax return so you may print, sign and mail your tax returns to the IRS and your state. After you mail your tax return, the IRS is responsible for processing your return and refund. In order to check the status of your refund and the processing of your return, you must contact the IRS for further information about the status of your refund.

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