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6 Reasons to Choose the PriorTax CPA Review

Posted by on April 26, 2016
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6 Reasons to Choose the PriorTax CPA Review

With only two certainties in life, nixing your accountant is a tough choice to make.

Choosing PriorTax means you don’t have to.

When telling some people to ditch the accountant and file their taxes online instead, they look at you like you just told them to stop drinking coffee in the morning. It’s scary, sounds risky and is, more than likely, completely out of the question for some.

That’s why PriorTax has introduced CPA Review to the menu, for all of our customers who don’t necessarily want to stray from the traditional route of using an accountant to file their taxes. It also provides a new opportunity for taxpayers who have never even looked into using an accountant before.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you’ll want to consider our CPA Review over a private accountant.

Because you’re not made of money.

Did you know that the average price of an individual tax return prepared by a private accountant in 2014 was $273? Some charged up to $400 per hour! That’s a nice chunk of change to add to the amount you already owe the IRS (or to take out of your refund check). With the PriorTax CPA Review, you’ll pay $99.95. That’s less than 50% of the average cost for the same service. Crazy, right?

Because you’re a busy person.

Whether your procrastination is camouflaged by a color-coded planner or you simply forgot, we’ve got you covered when it comes to filing your taxes. Our team of accountants will work around your schedule instead of vice versa. You won’t need to sit in your accountant’s office while they crunch the numbers. Our accountants will give you a call, request the documents they need (if any) and let you get back to your own crazy To-Do list.

Because you only leave your house for work and grocery shopping (plus the occasional happy hour… no judgement).

There’s not much of a motivation factor when you have to leave home to go pay hundreds of dollars for an accountant to calculate your IRS bill (which is also going to cost you a pretty penny). With our CPA Review, you won’t face the shiny price tag or even have to leave your couch! It is all done over the phone with one of our certified public accountants.

Because you missed the deadline (…by a few months).

Did you know that many private accountants only work for the tax season; January to April? That means that if your return was rejected by the IRS, or if you have a prior year tax return to file during the off-season, you have to either wait out those eight months until January or take the plunge and try to fix it yourself.

With PriorTax, our accountants are working year-round. If your return is rejected, you realize you missed a year, or you just have a quick question to ask, you can give our team a call.

Because you’re a loyal person.

Whether it’s a familiar doctor or your favorite Chinese take-out spot, loyalty is important. We understand that, which is why we adopted our own loyalty program. If you choose our CPA Review for your initial year with us, then you’ll get 30% off your next CPA Review. Plus, you’ll receive additional coupons for your future tax returns. You can also stick with the same accountant that we initially paired you up with year after year if you had a great experience! If you’ve used PriorTax before but feel the need for in-depth tax help in the future, we assure you that our CPA Review can fulfill all your needs.

Because change is good and you’re not changing a whole lot.

Seeing an accountant in person is kind of like a safety net. We don’t want to take you out of this safety net. We actually just want to make it more comfortable for you. Our accountants are available by phone and email. In fact, if you’re in Manhattan, we would love to have you come right to the office! You will be paired with one of our accountants based on your individual tax needs and we will scope out the deductions and credits that you qualify for to maximize that refund (or minimize your tax due).

So back to the coffee analogy…

If you could get your Venti Cold Brew from StarBucks (or your coffeeshop of choice) delivered to your doorstep each morning for less than you pay to drive and get it, would you?

I promise, this isn’t a trick question. You probably would, right?
Why not do the same for your tax return each year? With our CPA Review, PriorTax allows you to file your taxes with an accountant right from the comfort of your own home, and pay less than you would with a private accountant.AUTOMOTIVE (5)

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