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Think You Need 2013 Tax Forms To do 2013 Taxes?

Posted by on January 15, 2015
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No need to fill out 2013 Tax Forms. Instead, File 2013 Taxes Late Online with PriorTax. Learn how to file 2013 tax return and review the 2013 tax tables.

Does looking for the right tax form sometimes feel like waiting for the right train? PriorTax has a better way.

If you’ve ever attempted to complete IRS tax forms by yourself (the old pen and paper method), then you know that by the end, you may still feel pretty lost. Did you know that you can avoid filling out tax forms altogether and still get your tax return filed?

Instead of wasting time filling out complicated 2013 tax forms, you can file your 2013 taxes online with PriorTax!

How to file late taxes in minutes, not days.

Although the 2014 Tax Season ended on October 15, 2014 for 2013 taxes, you’ll still be able to prepare your 2013 tax return online with PriorTax. That’s right, absolutely no tax forms necessary!

Follow these steps to (finally) file your late 2013 tax return;

  1. Gather together your 2013 tax documents
  2. Create an account for the 2013 tax year on PriorTax
  3. Enter your tax information (with the help of our customer service team)
  4. Pay and submit
  5. Once your 2013 tax return is available for download, print it out.
  6. Sign and Mail the Tax Return to the IRS
  7. Sit back, relax and wait for Your Refund!

Since the tax season for e-filing 2013 tax returns has ended, you’ll need to paper file your 2013 tax return. In other words, don’t stop at step #4. Remember to sign and mail your return!

2013 Tax Tables, if you must have them.

Keep in mind that the 2014 tax rates won’t apply to your 2013 tax return. If you can’t remember what tax bracket you fall into, here’s a 2013 tax table to refer to;

Tax Rate
Married Filing Jointly
Married Filing Separately

Are you expecting a refund or a tax bill from 2013?

Keep in mind, if you have tax due, the IRS late fees are growing by the day. However, if you’re proactive about it, the IRS will set up a payment plan with you. So don’t wait any longer . Get your 2013 tax return done ASAP.

If you’re expecting a refund from your 2013 taxes, you won’t have to worry about late fees, but you won’t be able to claim that refund forever. There is a 3-year statute of limitations in place so you can claim your 2013 refund until 2017. So why not get the refund money you’re entitled to as soon as possible?

Filing 2013 taxes late is easy with PriorTax. No kidding.

So what are you waiting for? There are no tax forms to dig up nor any obnoxious tax lingo to decipher! It’s straightforward and easy with PriorTax. Create an account today and finally get your 2013 tax return done with!

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