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Can I Still File My 2019 Taxes

Posted by on November 9, 2021
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Have you recently wondered, can I still file my 2019 taxes electronically or file them at all?

Now that it’s October, you may be seeing reminders popping up online, in the news, or on TV about filing your tax returns for the year. That’s because, just like April 15 each year, October 15 is also a tax filing deadline.

April 15 is the annual deadline to file federal income tax returns for the previous calendar year.

October 15 is the annual extended deadline to file federal income tax returns for the previous calendar year.

You can file for an extension before the April 15 filing deadline. Then, you have until the October 15 deadline to file your tax returns before you become liable for late fees or additional interest.

With these current deadlines for 2020 taxes on the horizon, if you didn’t file a tax return for your 2019 taxes, you may be wondering if it is too late. Can I still file my 2019 taxes electronically? Or can I still file my 2019 taxes at all?

file 2019 taxes
file 2019 taxes

So, can I still file my 2019 taxes?

Yes, you can still file my 2019 taxes. And there are many reasons why it can be a good idea to file my 2019 taxes at this point.

While the deadline to file your 2019 taxes on time was July 15, 2020, there is no deadline to file your prior year’s taxes. However, there are some dates you need to be aware of if you think you are owed a tax refund — more on that in a bit.

If you made more than the minimum gross income set by the IRS for the 2019 tax year, you could benefit from filing my 2019 tax return, even if late. This is true both if you can expect a tax refund or if you owe taxes. You can use our 2019 Tax Calculator to calculate your estimated expected tax refund or tax bill.

The minimum gross income threshold set by the IRS takes into account four different factors:

  • if you are claimed as a dependent by someone else
  • if you are married or single
  • your age
  • if you are blind

For the 2019 tax year, if you were a single person under 65 years of age, this worked out to you in most cases not needing to file a tax return in 2020 if you made less than $12,200. If you were the head of your household, you typically weren’t required to file your 2019 tax return in 2020 if you made less than $18,350.

If you still need to file your 2019 taxes, get in touch today. can help you file your prior tax returns and answer any questions you may have during the process. We can review and prep your documents for you to download, print, sign, and mail off.

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