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2013 Tax Forms : 5 Reasons You Don’t Need Them

Posted by on September 14, 2015
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2013 Tax Forms : 5 Reasons You Don’t Need Them

Should I look for 2013 tax forms if I forgot to file?

Let’s take a quick detour through a common & unpleasant scenario first:

It’s  January 2016, the best time to buy a new car, and you’re ready to apply for that loan, or so you think. You empty the shoe box and shuffle through your tax documents. That’s when it hits you: you never filed your 2013 tax return! Panic strikes as you try to come up with a solution.

Fear not: there are, in fact, a number of options available, but using 2013 tax forms is taking the slow, not so scenic route.


So, doing it yourself with tax forms? Sure, if you can afford the headache.

You could complete the 2013 tax forms yourself, right? Well yes, until you remember that you could barely sit through that accounting class you took in college without doodling in the margins of your two-subject Five-Star. Besides, that it’s probably the slowest choice. Not to mention, you only have until April 15th, 2017 to still claim that 2013 tax refund!


How about downloading some 2013 tax software? Yes, but…

There are of course 2013 tax software applications out there that you can purchase and download onto your hard drive to file your past year taxes. However, before you grab your wallet let’s take a closer look at some inconvenient facts:

  • You can only prepare your late tax return on that computer on which you downloaded the software.
  • There is either limited customer service available to you… or none at all!
  •  You could be missing tax items that no one will notify you about until it’s too late and your return is already pending in the IRS database.


Online Tax Preparation wins hands down. It makes the most sense.

Why, you ask? Here are five really good reasons:

#1 You can prepare your 2013 taxes from any computer with internet access.

That’s right! When you file your taxes online, you have the option to create your account on your iPhone and then finish on your desktop at home. As long as you have access to the internet, it is really up to you. Tax software only allows you to prepare your entire return on the same computer where you installed it.


#2 Your personal information is completely secure with online trusted security systems.

At the bottom of our website, you will find all of the security measures taken that are protecting the information that you enter onto your 2013 account with Priortax. These are trusted around the globe and many of you may already be familiar with these. Tax software, unfortunately, is only as secure as your computer’s  antivirus and firewall protection is.


#3 You have many storage options for your 2013 tax return when filing online.

Websites that offer online tax filing allow you to download and save your tax return as a PDF. This means that you have the option to save it in your dropbox, on a USB drive or with a number of other online storage options. Tax software will typically only allow you to save your return for three years and will only be available to you in the software’s chosen format.


#4 Online filing websites prompt you to save often.

When using online filing, you are prompted to save your information after every page completed. This is helpful for those rare but unfortunate times when your laptop dies or the power goes out. When using tax software on your computer, you MUST be sure to update the settings to auto-save your information. Otherwise, you risk the chance of losing all information and having to start over.


#5 You have unlimited free customer support when filing online with Priortax!

Tax software tends to be hit or miss when it comes to customer service. Some will offer just a technical support phone-line while others will provide you with a toll-free phone number to call. On top of our complete knowledgebase of free tax information available to you, we also offer customer support from our qualified tax experts via phone, live-chat and email at no extra cost to you! So ditch the 2013 tax forms and file your tax return before it’s too late to claim that refund.


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