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Pay nothing out of pocket now with a Tax Refund Transfer.

Posted by admin on May 30, 2024
Last modified: June 6, 2024

Protect your wallet by utilizing Refund Transfer which enable you to cover tax preparation fees and other expenses using your tax refund. Afterward, you have the flexibility to designate the destination for the remaining balance.

One of the services offered by Prior Tax involves collaborating with reputable banks in the United States to offer a product known as Refund Transfer. This product is designed to facilitate the process of receiving tax refunds through a bank deposit rather than as a loan.

When you provide approval for transactions from the linked account of your Refund Transfer, it will impact the final amount you receive as your refund. Charges may be incurred. A qualifying anticipated tax refund and electronic filing are necessary for this process.

Customers can conveniently cover their tax preparation fees and other costs using a Refund Transfer (RT). The Refund Transfer Fee is levied when the initial funding is received, regardless of whether it comes from a federal or state refund. Furthermore, a Subsequent Funding Fee is applied for each extra funding received, regardless of whether its source is a federal or state refund.

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Pay for Your Tax Preparation Fees with Refund Transfer.

Our convenient Refund Transfer method offers a hassle-free payment option for online tax preparation. With no upfront expenses, you can easily cover the costs of your tax preparation. The processing fee for Refund Transfer will only be charged upon completion of your filing.

Why Would I Choose a Tax Refund Transfer?

Refund Transfer for Convenience

Providing a seamless experience is essential. You can find a dedicated tax professional for tax preparation services all without incurring any initial costs.

Refund Transfer for Speed

Efficiency is key when it comes to Refund Transfers. This service enables customers with bank accounts to enjoy the convenience of having their refunds securely processed through direct deposit, eliminating the need to wait for a paper check to be issued and mailed by the IRS. Additionally, bank checks can be printed in your office for immediate pick-up on the same day.

For individuals who do not have bank accounts, various choices are available for securely accessing funds.

Refund Transfer for Security

When it comes to financial safeguards, a considerable number of taxpayers, including individuals with existing bank accounts, opt to retrieve a bank-issued check from the secure environment of their tax office instead of having an IRS-issued check delivered by mail or through direct deposit.

How Refund Transfer works

To start the tax refund process, you have the option to submit your application either in person or online. Collaborate with a tax professional or utilize online tools for assistance with your application. Afterward, establish an FDIC-insured Refund Account to receive your tax refund payment securely. When all services are finished, fees will be deducted directly from your refund, including those for tax preparation and Refund Transfer. Remember, fees are only charged upon completion of services.

Make the most of your funds. Treat yourself to something special. Or set aside some savings for unexpected expenses. Spend your refund in any way that suits you best.