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Online CPA Services

Posted by admin on January 4, 2022
Last modified: January 18, 2022

Online CPA Tax Services and Professional Tax Services with PriorTax

Getting started filing your tax returns when you have prior year returns that you need to do can be a daunting task. All the more reason, it’s essential to get reliable, professional assistance available. That way, you can be sure that you’re navigating the IRS and your state’s tax filing requirements and regulations.

The seasoned tax professionals and CPAs are the backbones behind our easy-to-use online tax filing services at PriorTax.com. But who are these people, and how can you benefit from CPA services?

What online CPA tax services does PriorTax.com offer?

When you prepare your prior year tax return with PriorTax.com, you will use our step-by-step, easy-to-use website to provide your basic information and income statements. Our web service then guides you through the process of collecting information to determine your deductions and credits. Finally, we use this information to provide you with a printable version of your tax return to download, print, sign, and then mail to the IRS. And based on the information you provide, PriorTax.com works to ensure that if you’re due a refund, you’ll get the largest refund you can get.

Sometimes financial situations and tax returns are more complicated. And PriorTax.com is available to help in those cases too.

Included with all of our tax return packages, we offer basic free tax filing advice. That means if you’re confused and questions arise before your tax return is finalized. You can reach out to us via our website’s live chat feature, gives us a call, or send us an email.

Beyond this, we also offer more in-depth reviews. We offer for purchase both a Professional Tax Return Review service and an Online CPA Review service.

Professional Tax Return Services

With a Professional Tax Return Review, one of the agents on our senior staff will be assigned to perform a review of your prior year tax return after you submit your information on PriorTax.com’s web tax program. These agents are tax professionals trained in tax accounting and have been advised by our Online CPAs and Enrolled Agents for a minimum of two years.

Your assigned tax agent will be reviewing your tax return for two main things. First, they are looking for any errors or oversight issues that could increase your risk of an income tax audit by either the IRS or a state agency. Second, they will also look for any deductions or credits that may have been missed in preparing your tax return.

You will receive an appointment by phone to walk through your return after their review. Your assigned tax agent will be able to provide advice on accuracy and any ways that you can maximize your tax refund.

Your return will then be filed on your behalf by your agent. You will have direct access if you need to follow up on anything regarding your prior year tax return.

Online CPA Services

With an Online CPA Review, one of our Online CPAs will provide a personalized consultation addressing your specific tax situation. Including paying close attention to the credits and deductions you may qualify for to help you to boost your tax refund or to reduce how much tax you owe.

When you choose our Professional Tax Return Review service or CPA Review service for online CPA services, all returns are both thoroughly reviewed and audit protected. We take pride in our work and want to ensure you get peace of mind. In the unlikely event of an IRS audit, we will represent you and your case before the Examination Division of the IRS.

As an established tax preparation service and open all year round, we will always be around should you ever need a follow-up.

PriorTax CPA Review
PriorTax CPA Review

What does a CPA do?

CPA-specific services, however, fall into two main categories related to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

All accountants, whether CPAs or not, essentially work keeping and interpreting financial records for people, companies, and institutions. This includes accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services related to financial records.

CPAs can prepare audited or reviewed financial statements file a report of these with the SEC, a requirement for all public companies.

And more relevant for individual tax filers, CPAs are able to represent their clients in front of the IRS. Again, this is something that accountants without CPA licenses are not able to do. 

How much do PriorTax.com’s Professional Tax Review services cost?

Adding a Professional Review to your tax return package costs $59.95. This can provide the peace of mind of a tax professional on your side through this process. Without the costs more commonly seen when visiting a tax preparation company. By opting to add a Professional Review, you will be avoiding costs that are usually $150 to $200 but many times even over $400.

How much do PriorTax.com’s Online CPA Tax Services cost?

Adding a CPA Review to your tax return package costs $99.95. If you need to file prior year tax returns for multiple years you can request a CPA Review for more than one. In which case, the cost for the second year of online CPA Review service will be $89.95.

Ready to catch up and file your prior year tax return or returns? Visit PriorTax.com today to get started using our easy-to-use website and our suite of optional add ons. Including our online CPA tax services, to help you get up to date with your filing requirements. Do this with ease from the comfort of your own home or office.

About our PriorTax Professionals and CPAs

CPAs are certified, public accountants. They are public accountants who have passed the Uniform CPA Examination, a four-part exam, to qualify for their CPA certificate. In addition, to work as CPAs, they also need to fulfill their local jurisdiction’s number of years of experience requirements before they receive their license.

PriorTax in-residence CPAs must follow a strict code of professional conduct and ethics in relation to objectivity, independence, and disclosure. Independence and conflict of interest; commissions and referral fees; and fiduciary standard of care.

PriorTax CPAs also have annual continuing professional education requirements to ensure that they are up-to-date with current and best practices.

How to Check A Prior Year Tax Refund Status

Posted by Michelle O'Brien on October 20, 2016
Last modified: May 24, 2018

Go online and use the “Where’s My Refund” IRS tool. It works!

Although the IRS “Where’s My Refund” tool is available to check the progress of your return, it only applies to the tax return you filed for the most current tax year.

For example, let’s say you file your 2013 tax return and soon after remember to file your late 2012 return. Although you filed your 2013 taxes before your 2012, 2013 is going to be the one that the IRS site shows the status for since it is the most recent tax year in their database for you.

So how do you check your prior year tax refund status after mailing your return to the IRS?

Brace yourselves as many of you aren’t going to like Plan B. You’ll need to call the IRS. Of course, you don’t want to mail your return and call on your lunch break the following day. The IRS insists that you wait it out for at least 6 weeks after mailing your return to call and check on the status. When you call, make sure you have the following handy:

  • tax year
  • social security number
  • filing status
  • exact refund amount

You can call 1-800-829-1040 and follow the prompts for a live representative. The person that you speak with will have direct access to your tax return and be able to provide you with a status update.

Tip: Request a tracking number when mailing your return. It’ll give you peace of mind to know that it arrived safe and sound.


Where Is My State Tax Refund?

Posted by Michelle O'Brien on October 17, 2016
Last modified: November 2, 2016

Check the status of your state tax refund online

For all our kvetching, the IRS is *usually* pretty good about sending out tax refunds in a timely manner. In other countries, Australia for example, it’s not uncommon to hear of people waiting 20 or even 30 weeks for their tax refunds.

But state tax refunds can be different from the IRS. They often arrive well behind your federal tax refund which, depending on your perspective, can constitute either be a pleasant surprise or an agonizing wait. If you haven’t file your state taxes yet, you can do so (along with your federal taxes) on PriorTax.

Here’s how long you can expect to wait for your state tax refund and how to check its status:

  • Alabama state refund – With your social security number and refund amount you can check your refund status on the Alabama Department of Revenue website. (more…)