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How to Check A Prior Year Tax Refund Status

Posted by on October 20, 2016
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How to Check A Prior Year Tax Refund Status

Go online and use the “Where’s My Refund” IRS tool. It works!

Although the IRS “Where’s My Refund” tool is available to check the progress of your return, it only applies to the tax return you filed for the most current tax year.

For example, let’s say you file your 2013 tax return and soon after remember to file your late 2012 return. Although you filed your 2013 taxes before your 2012, 2013 is going to be the one that the IRS site shows the status for since it is the most recent tax year in their database for you.

So how do you check your prior year tax refund status after mailing your return to the IRS?

Brace yourselves as many of you aren’t going to like Plan B. You’ll need to call the IRS. Of course, you don’t want to mail your return and call on your lunch break the following day. The IRS insists that you wait it out for at least 6 weeks after mailing your return to call and check on the status. When you call, make sure you have the following handy:

  • tax year
  • social security number
  • filing status
  • exact refund amount

You can call 1-800-829-1040 and follow the prompts for a live representative. The person that you speak with will have direct access to your tax return and be able to provide you with a status update.

Tip: Request a tracking number when mailing your return. It’ll give you peace of mind to know that it arrived safe and sound.

Can the IRS can owe you interest?

The answer is, yes. Now, if you file your return on time; meaning by the tax deadline, the IRS has 45 days to process your return. Once this timeframe has passed, the IRS pays you interest on each additional day that you have not received your refund.

How about checking the status of an amended tax return?

You can use the “Where’s My Amended Return” IRS tool. This tool shows updates for amended returns for current years and up to three prior years. However, it is recommended that you wait three weeks after mailing your return to retrieve the most accurate status update. Before opening the tool, you’ll want to make sure you have a few bits of information on hand:

  • tax year
  • social security number
  • date of birth
  • zip code

Can you get prior year tax information from the IRS?

There are a few times where you may run into a situation where you need to provide a copy of your prior year tax return. For instance, you could be applying for a home mortgage loan and need proof of income or maybe you misplaced it and would just sleep better at night knowing you have a copy in your filing cabinet. Either way, in most circumstances, a paper transcript of this information will do. Before venturing to the IRS website, be sure to have the following information ready:

  • social security number
  • date of birth
  • street address currently on file with the IRS
  • zip code currently on file with the IRS
  • type of transcript needed
  • tax year

Happy hunting!

prior year tax refund status


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154 Responses to “How to Check A Prior Year Tax Refund Status”

  1. Jeremiah bradley says:

    I looking for my taxes from last year 2015 the amount is 6143.00 4** ** ***8

    • admin says:

      Hi Jeremiah,

      I appreciate you reaching out via our blog! If you prepared your tax return with PriorTax, you can contact our customer service team to help you out. You can reach out via phone, livechat or email and one of our representatives will be able to assist you. Our phone number is 877-289-7580 (Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM AEST).

      • Ruby smith says:

        Well tell me where it is

      • Stasha Carpenter says:

        Hi my problem is that. I never re ieved my tax return for the past year, due to someone filed use ok ng my name and i was sent, a letter from the irs and it explained what happene. I know that i since then have recieved many email and gmails refureing to my refund, when i could so badly use that money right now, i yet to recieve it at all. Ive also have recieved confermation from the irs that i soo. Would be receiving. My refund check and never have yet. Why i wish i knew, could you please check into or if you know soneone th a t can help me please that would be amazeing. Thank you have a blessed night.

        Stasha Carpenter

    • Dave says:

      I E-filed my 2016 state & federal taxes 1st week in February… Received refund from state in 21/2 weeks and federal about 31/2 weeks…. And have never filed my 2015 return until a little over a week ago….so in short they never held onto my 2016 refund until I filed my 2015 taxes….so hopefully beings my 2016 was already approved, maybe it will speed things up a little on my 2015 refund….who knows…. Just as well to forget about because that’s when it arrives… Lol Lol

  2. Fabian Martinez says:

    Hi I had to file my 2013 tax return. The irs was holding my 2015 taxes until I file them … Why is it going to take 6 to 12 wks before they wilrelease my 2015 return when I don’t even owe money I’m getting money back??

    • admin says:

      Hi Fabian,

      Most likely, the IRS is accounting for the fact that your 2013 tax return could have an effect on your 2015 tax return (which is possible). Until your 2013 return is approved by the IRS, then the refund that was calculated is not 100%. It is known as the “expected refund”, meaning it is subject to change. For example, let’s say you filed your return without reporting all of your income from the year. This could substantially increase your tax liability (or increase your refund amount).

      The good news is that the time frame provided to you (6-12 weeks) is usually shorter than that.

      • Angeles Chavarria says:

        I am having the same problem this year. How long did take them to send your refund after all. do you remember?

        • Katy says:

          I’m in the same situation and would like to know as well.

          • Hi my is betty says:

            I just file my 2015 its been3 weeks so im still waiting can’t get in touch with no one tjey say 6 weeks

          • admin says:

            The general wait time for paper filed prior tax year returns is between 6-8 weeks. There isn’t a way for the IRS to expedite your return, you will need to await the given time before they confirm that your return has been fully processed.

        • Cory says:

          I had the same situation this year. My 2016 was held until I filed for 2013. I submitted my paper 2013 taxes via mail and confirmed it arrived at the IRS on 2/7/17. I got my 2017 refund on 3/7/17 and I’m still waiting for my 2013 refund. Hope that helps give you an idea of the timing you might experience for what it’s worth.

          • Patricia says:

            Have u received your 2013 refund Im in the same situation they held my 2016 taxes but released today i mailed my 2015 on 3/08 and still waiting on my 2015 refund…have you rceived yours yet

          • Spencer Griffin says:

            I was in the process of moving to SC and left my tax information with a person whom I paid to fill out my 2013 Form. Weeks later, he called and said everything was fine, I did not owe any taxes but neglected to tell me I had a refund coming.. an I thought he filed the return. Later when filing another return, I found that I was due a refund of $4000.00 for that year.and IRS said no statement was filed. Everything was out of place with the moving, but I eventually found a copy of 2013 return and sent it in. The guy who did the taxes, was gone and I did not know where to find him. I refiled 2013 but did not get a refund. IRS said if I went 4 years without asking, then it was put back in the Treasury fund. Who knew there was such a rule? I need my refund! IRS does not wait if we owe but can just take ours away. Anybody help me! Did you know that was a rule?

          • Tax Advisor says:

            From the time that the tax season begins for the specific tax year return, the IRS has a 3-year deadline for taxpayers to file their return to claim the refund for that year. There are no exceptions to that rule that we know of which will allow you to receive your refund if you did not file before the deadline. Unfortunately, this means that your refund will in 2013 is no longer be available for you to claim.

    • Victoria Seymore says:

      Like Angeles, I also ran into the same problem this year. The only amount of time I have to go by is what the IRS website says. Do you remember how long it ended up taking for you to receive your refund?

  3. Ahsan Habib says:

    I did not receive my 2014 tax year refund which is supposed to be $6,430.00

    • admin says:

      Hi Ahsan,

      I can understand your frustration. For prior year tax returns filed late, the IRS typically states that you should allow approximately 6 weeks for processing time. This time frame is not guaranteed and can vary based on the complexity and accuracy of your return. After the 6 weeks, I do suggest contacting the IRS directly. If they have no record of this, then the next step would be to contact your tax preparer directly.

      • Michele says:

        Still waiting on 2015 and 2016 returns that we filed in November for our small kitchen countertop business that we started end of 2013/beginning of 2014 (and as is common, we didn’t really turn a profit in those first years of building the business). They were quick this year with collecting on their taxes for 2017, considering our small business finally turned a profit last year. Funny how it takes so long for them to give us our money due, but they are right on top of how much we owe them, and then imposing penalties when we don’t pay in their timeframe. Perhaps we need to impose a “penalty” on the IRS for each day they are late with our returns as they do when we are late with our payments to them. One good turn deserves another, right?

        • Manisha Hansraj says:

          Hello Michele,

          The IRS has 45 days to process your return and will owe you interest for each additional day you have not received your refund. Here’s a helpful link from the IRS.

        • Armen says:

          Did you have any NOL resulting from losses in the initial years of your business? If so, did you carryover the NOLs to current year returns to reduce any profits? This a very general and vague statement but you could have savings by carrying forward any NOL’s generated.

  4. Omar gomez says:

    I didn’t file my 2014 taxes until this year mailed it more than 6weeks ago and have not received any information about it just now going to file my 2015 tax return what to do or call to figure out what’s going on.

    • admin says:

      Hi Omar,

      Unfortunately, the IRS does not give a set time as to when you will receive your refund. However, they ‘advise’ that you allow them 6-8 weeks to process prior year returns. You may not have received your 2014 return yet due to the high volume being that you filed near the tax deadline. You can contact the IRS and they should be able to look further into the whereabouts of your refund.

      • Renita says:

        I am having the same problem. I mailed my taxes in almost 8 weeks ago and every time I call any number to speak with a live representative the automated system hangs up. I’ve called my local tax office as well and still cannot receive information about my filing status.

        • admin says:

          Hello Renita,

          Unfortunately it can be a bit challenging to get on the phone with a live representative. You may try calling again until you reached a representative.

  5. sharon says:

    I filed 2012 2013 2014 ND 2015 I only got so far was 2015 what’s goin on?? Do that mean that not goin to gve me the from the other years??

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharon,

      This is not uncommon. Since 2015 tax returns can be e-filed this year, the processing time is slightly shorter than prior years. This, alone, is nothing to worry about. You may just need to wait a bit longer to receive your other refunds.

  6. Jenn says:

    My 2014 tax return was audited and I received a letter telling me this a year ago. I still haven’t received any further documentation from the IRS. What should I do?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jenn,

      There should be a contact name and/or phone number listed on the letter you received. If you contact that individual, you’ll be able to follow up with them about your audit.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I e filed 2014 and 2015 taxes this year. Both were accepted at the same time. 2015 refund is suppose to be mailed today. But I can’t seem to get status on 2014. Why. And how can I get status on 2014 taxes

    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      The IRS will only electronically file current year tax returns. You would have needed to paper file your 2014 tax return. To check the status of a prior year tax return, it takes a bit more effort on the taxpayer’s end. Unfortunately, the Where’s My Refund tool only shows updates for the last tax return you filed. In your case, this would be your 2015 return. You can give the IRS a call directly about your 2014 tax return. They will be able to give you an update over the phone. The phone number is 1-800-829-1040.

    • Ashley Nelson says:

      How did u know both years were accepted at the same time in the first place?

      • admin says:

        Hello Ashley,

        In order to find out the status of your refund or tax return for prior year returns you will need to contact the IRS by phone at 1-800-829-1040. However, for your current year return you will be able to use the “Where’s My Refund” Tool on the IRS website.

  8. Pam O says:

    I filed my 2014 return in March 2016. Who do I contact to find out the status of my refund?

    • admin says:

      Hi Pam,

      Unfortunately, the Where’s My Refund tool will only show updates for your most recently filed return (typically the current year). For a 2014 tax return, you can contact the IRS directly using the phone number in the above article (1-800-829-1040).

  9. Lisa Phouchane says:

    Good afternoon,

    I went to a tax consultant here in Amarillo TX. She filed both my 2014 and 2015 taxes. I’ve already received my 2015 but has not yet received my 2014. After trying days trying to get through the phone numbers 1-800-829-1954 and the 1-800-829-1040 and has had no luck. Please let me know what other option I have?

    My amount in 2014 was $3305. Please advise?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lisa,

      The process to filing past year tax returns takes a bit longer. Current year tax returns can be e-filed and therefore take less time to process and issue your refund. You should receive your 2014 tax refund in 8-12 weeks. If you have not received your refund after 12 weeks, I suggest contacting your local IRS office in Amarillo. They have access to the same information as the 800-numbers you called in the past.

      • Stephie says:

        8-12 weeks? I thought it was 6 weeks ish? That’s a little crazy. I did use prior tax and they are prior years.

        • admin says:

          Hi Stephie,

          The IRS prefers that you wait at least 6 weeks before giving them a call about a status update, however, their processing time for prior year returns could take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. Unfortunately, PriorTax and other tax preparers have no control over the IRS processing times. Even if your tax return is prepared completely error-free, the IRS’ prior year refund issung takes a bit longer than current year returns.

    • Mildred says:

      In the coemlicatpd world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

  10. Brandi says:

    Good day.

    I went to file my taxes for 2015 and I was told that I could still file my taxes from 2014 and 2013 because I hadn’t done them so I went back about a week later to file them and everything went well. Fast forward to last week, I tried to call to find out about my returns for 2014-13 and I was only able to get info on my 2014 return. Where could my other return possibly be? It would be much appreciated if I could find some answers.

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Brandi,

      If you attempted to contact the IRS, they should be able to assist you with your 2013 and 2014 tax return status. Another option would be to contact your tax preparer or accountant. If you used our website to prepare your tax returns, please give us a call at 877-289-7580.

  11. Jamie says:

    I read here that previous years taxes cannot be filed electronically…are you sure? Because my tax consultant did file electronically, it was completed and said so on the form, what happens if its not accepted? does it take a while to be rejected I haven’t received my return and its almost 8 weeks, THANKS!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Unfortunately, the IRS will only allow current year tax returns to be e-filed. As stated in an article written by the IRS:

      You can e-file your tax return up to 6 months after the original filing deadline. This gives the people who got a tax extension the opportunity to file online. After that date (October 15th), the IRS shuts down the e-file server and begins preparing for the next tax filing season. Therefore, you will need to file a paper tax return beyond that point.

      • Ramon Eastman says:

        I filed my 2018 2017 2016 taxes this year…i had to do identity verification on all three years…all three were approved on may 29th 2019..ive recieved 2018 direct deposit….what about 2017 2016?

        • Manisha Hansraj says:

          Prior year refunds are delivered by check. The process can take six to eight weeks from when the IRS receives your taxes to be delivered to you. To determine the status of your prior year refund, contact the IRS directly as it can’t be tracked online.

  12. kate says:

    I filed my 2014 taxes 4 weeks ago, and will owe a small amount to the IRS. I am waiting to access the return transcript, as that is all that I need to close on my home loan. The IRS just keeps telling me it’s in processing, and to check daily, and the transcript should be available any day now. When can I expect this? It is the ONLY thing we need to close, and we’ve pushed closing date out four times already!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Kate,

      Unfortunately, the IRS processing time for past due tax returns is a bit longer than current year returns. It can take approximately 6 weeks to process a correctly filed past due tax return (give or take).

      • andrew says:

        Still waiting on one I filed for a previous year. I got my returns for this year fairly quickly, but its been six months of waiting for me on the one I filed for the previous year. What happened to six weeks??????

        • admin says:

          Hi Andrew,

          While current year returns are typically processed a bit quicker than prior years, you shouldn’t be waiting six months to be issued your return. You can give our customer support team a call and they will be able to assist you further or help you contact the IRS about where your return is.

  13. Angela Gehringer says:

    I had a friend prepare my daughter’s, and my tax returns for 2014 and I then mailed them out at the same time. I got mine back and she never received hers. I never made copies of the returns and my friend who did the taxes passed away a Few months after. Problem is I don’t know the exact amount of the refund to track the refund. What am I supposed to do now?

    • admin says:

      Hi Angela,

      In a case like yours, the best way to handle it is to contact the IRS directly and explain the situation. They will be able to access information as to whether or not they received your daughter’s 2014 tax return.

    • Jonathan Molina says:

      Hi Angela,

      If you haven’t had time to call the IRS I recommend getting a tax transcript by mail. All you will need is Name, SSN, Address, Last Address Filed with IRS, what forms do you want, and what years. Go to this link:
      Mail or Fax your form according to the instructions.

      A transcript can tell you whether or not filed, how much you owe, and give you all the numbers from your actual tax return including the refund amount.

      Good luck!

      Jonathan Molina, JM Accounting

  14. Nancy Andreason says:

    We are currently refinancing.. The lender wanted “proof” as to the refund for 2014 Tax Year. I do not see that we ever received the 1796 refund. I also see that they put an extra number on our account number that it was to be deposited into.Our accountant files our taxes electronically. I did call the IRS number and it only gives information for the current year. After I gave all of my information, it was a “dead end” — didn’t have the information, thanked me for my call and hung up on me. What options on the automated line 800-829-1040 do i select to get PRIOR year help to find out about the refund? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Nancy,

      The IRS has their automated system set up to provide information for current year tax returns. In order to get any information on prior years, you’ll need to speak to a person at the IRS. Typically, the easiest way to do this is to contact your local IRS office by phone.

    • Jonathan Molina says:


      Hi Angela,

      The IRS hotline can be a VERY frustrating system if you do not know the tricks and shortcuts to get a representative faster. They have many numbers and many many more options to choose so I recommend NOT calling them but requesting things by mail.

      In your case I recommend getting a tax transcript by mail. All you will need is Name, SSN, Address, Last Address Filed with IRS, what forms do you want, and what years. Go to this link:
      Mail or Fax your form according to the instructions. They can send a copy of the transcript directly to your lender as “proof”, all you have to do is add your lender’s name and address to the 3rd party designee line.

      A transcript can tell you whether or not filed, how much you owe, and give you all the numbers from your actual tax return including the refund amount.

      Regarding the wrong account number, you will want to call the IRS and have them run a trace. If someone received your refund you will be given contact information to contact the bank. If no one received your refund you can request a paper check from the IRS (if they don’t do it automatically). I don’t know if there is a form to report this but if you must call the IRS, try calling a business line (they answer MUCH faster) then have them transfer you to an “individual tax representative”, this should get you passed the prompts that sometimes lead to a dead end.

      I hope that helps! Good Luck!

      Jonathan Molina, JM Accounting

  15. Pam says:

    How long will it take to to recieve my 2014 refund I paid the IRS what I owed with my 2015 njstate refund

    • admin says:

      Hi Pam,

      The IRS states that it takes about 6 weeks to process an accurately completed past due tax return. If you haven’t received it within that time frame, you can call them directly and a representative will be able to provide you with an ETA on your refund. Just be sure to wait the 6 weeks before calling.

  16. Stacy Ruth says:

    Hello, I have been unable to get any clarification on my question and am so glad I found this site, so here goes.

    In order to receive my 2014/2015 refund I needed to file 2009/2010. I filed them just this year.
    I ended up owing for 2009/2010 and the amounts were withheld from the 2014/2015 refunds. I am square with the IRS with all taxes and penalties.
    I made significant credit errors on 2009/2010 that significantly reduced what I should have owed. I have since filed amended returns for 2009/2010.
    Will the IRS accept the amended returns and adjust accordingly?
    Some tax pros have said yes, because I paid the taxes and penalties just this year. Some say no because of their age. Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Hi Stacy,

      According to the IRS, you generally have three years from the time you filed your tax return OR two years since you paid off your amount owed to file an amended 1040X. You can take a look at the IRS website where it states just this HERE. It is item #4.

  17. Stacy Ruth says:

    Thank you so much administrator! I read the information and if the rules are exactly as this says, then I shouldn’t have any concerns.

    Unfortunately, a lot of other tax sites have said the 2009/2010 would have needed to be filed within the 3 year sol in order to amend and have the 3/2 year rule apply to them.
    This is where my dilemma is! Lol

    • admin says:

      No problem Stacy!

      Something that the statute of limitations would hold you back from is collecting a refund from 2009/2010. This would have needed to be done within the three year time frame that the other tax preparers you spoke to are mentioning.

      Generally, the statute of limitations for the IRS to assess* taxes on a taxpayer expires three years from either:
      -the due date of the return, or
      -the date on which it was filed

      *An assessment occurs when an IRS officer signs a certificate of assessment stating the amount owed by the taxpayer.

  18. Mary Russell says:

    I mailed my 2014 tax return 3 weeks ago, but I did not use tracking. Should I be concerned that the IRS did not receive it?

  19. Yessenia Lopez says:

    I filed my 2015 amended tax the irs recived it on oct. 31 2016 and its been 8 weeks now how much longer do I have to wait? Plz help 5,4224 is the amount

    • admin says:

      Hi Yessenia,

      The IRS can take 8-12 weeks to process amended tax returns. If there is an error, you will hear from the IRS or your tax preparer. You can check your amended tax return status using the website tool that they provide HERE.

  20. Yessenia Lopez says:

    How many years back can i file amendements

    • admin says:

      Hi Yessenia,

      You should amend your return within three years (including a tax extension if you filed one) after the date you filed your original return OR within two years after the date you paid the tax due amount; whichever is later.

  21. Yessenia Lopez says:

    Can i get amendments for 2013, and 2014 ? Or just 2015

  22. sandra miles says:

    Need to know the amount I recieved 2015 refund

  23. Yessenia lopez says:

    Is something wrong with my admendment cause first it said 8-12 weeks now its up to 16 weeks?

  24. Kimberley says:

    I filed by 2014 income tax December of 2016, and would like to get information about the status of the refund.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      It can take at least 6 weeks for the IRS to process a prior year paper-filed tax return. Depending on when you filed in December, your return may not have been processed yet. If it has been 6 weeks, you can contact the IRS to have them determine when you can expect to hear back from them.

  25. Yessenia Lopez says:

    Can i get a response plz. Is something wrong with my admendment cause first it said 8-12 weeks now its up to 16 weeks?

  26. Ashleh says:

    I am trying to file my taxes for 2016, got all info and now they are wanting my last year’s amount I received, I don’t remember and keep trying to order transcript online and it says my address does not match, that’s the only adress I have had so now what do I do, I really need this to finish my online tax preperation!

    • admin says:

      Please ensure your tax preparer is requesting your 2015 refund amount. You may be mistaken with a request for your 2015 adjusted gross income (AGI) which is needed as an electronic signature to e-file your 2016 return.

      If you do need to obtain a copy of your 2015 return and you are unable to get a transcript from the IRS, you can contact the tax professional that prepared your 2015 return for a copy.

  27. Jennifer says:

    Hi, last year my husband and I filed a joint return and we knew our defaulted student loans were going to take the returns. I received an 1098-E in the mail just a few days ago showing what was paid on my loans last year, but he never received one and it doesn’t show any payments made on his account with the Department of Education either. There is about $3k unaccounted for. Will calling the IRS help me? I just need to know where the entire refund went to last year when they intercepted them.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      If your husband did not receive a copy via USPS or electronically, he should contact his loan servicer prior to the IRS. His servicer is the one who will be issuing the form 1098-E.

  28. Courtney Abbott says:

    Is it too late to file for the year of 2013? Thank you in advance. Also if I were to amend prior years, what’s the last year I can go back to if I were to file that amendment today??

    • admin says:

      You can still file your 2013 prior year return today. We can also prepare amended returns from 2005 to current year (2016). Click here to get started on your 2013 prior year return. You can contact a representative on 1-877-289-7580 (Mon – Friday between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm EST) to get started on your amended return(s).

  29. Yessenia says:

    It’s been 16 weeks and I still haven’t received my adminded 2015 tax return what should i do?

  30. Sharon D Gleen says:

    Checking on expected date of 2015 tax refund

    • admin says:

      Assuming you paper-filed your 2015 return and it was complete and accurate, your refund should be issued in about six to eight weeks from the date IRS receives your return.

  31. karie meunier says:

    So who can take what from your tax money? Hospitals ,banks, DHS office ,who? And can they take a certain amount only? And how much they are allowed to take?

    • admin says:

      Federal and state government agencies can collect outstanding debts owed to them by garnishing, or offsetting your debt with your tax refund. They are allowed to garnish part of or all of your federal refund to satisfy certain unpaid debts.

  32. Tiffani Simmons says:

    Hello my sons father jeff mathey claimed my son for 2015 i am just trying to find out if him being audited was ever cleared and if he was credited an earned income credit for my son please

    • admin says:

      The IRS will correspond with him through the mail informing him of any progress or further inquiries that they may have with him. At this point, you will need to await the response that the IRS will give you, there is no further information that we can provided.

  33. Chantel says:

    nys taxation just notified me of my mom not filing her 2012 taxes. she died in 2015…will they keep the refundveven though she died within 3 year limit

    • admin says:

      We are very sorry for your loss. If the 2012 return was not filed, then it is already too late to claim the tax refund. Please contact NYS taxation for further details.

  34. Monique says:

    I sent in my 2015 in April 2017 and still ain’t showing up on where’s my refund tool does a prior year always show up or can it get rejected if so will I be notified?

    • admin says:

      It would be best if you contacted the IRS to inquire about the status of your return, their contact number is 1-800-829-1040. They will be able to inform you on the progress of your return.

  35. Christi Brooks says:

    This only works for the most recent tax year. What if you back filed and are owed returns for prior years? The tool has no place to indicate the year.

    • admin says:

      Hello Christi,

      For prior year returns, you can only claim refunds up to tax year 2014. You cannot claim any refunds from the 2013 tax year and years prior to this since the statute of limitations for the IRS are three years from due date of your return. In order to track your prior year refund, you will need to contact the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.

  36. Amazing issues here. I am very satisfied to look your article. Thank you a lot and I’m taking a look ahead to keep in touch with you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  37. Jay says:

    Hi All , I filed my 2012 returns this year As I missed it then. I would like to know how much time it may take for my returns to show up in my account .

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Jay,

      Be advised, the deadline to claim 2012 tax refunds has already passed in April of 2016. Therefore, the IRS will not be sending you any refunds to your account.

  38. Shelley says:

    Hi. Closing on a house in 2 weeks. Filed my 2015 return 4 weeks ago. Just wondering on average if you have an idea of if the IRS typically does get those prior year returns completed within 6 weeks? I owed and sent a check with the return. I’m checking on the status daily on the IRS website. I know I can’t call until 6 weeks is up, and that will be about too late for my closing date.

    Any idea what the average processing time is?

  39. Maria says:

    I filled my 2016 and then got a notice that I didn’t file for 2012 (my fault), I sent 2012 in on feb 24th, but they didn’t process it into the system until March 29 th, and I was just told that it could take another 4 weeks since I owe from 2012. Has anyone else had this happen? How much longer should I really expect to wait?

    • admin says:

      Since you were notified by the IRS to allow more time for the processing of your return, you should at least allow 6-8 weeks from the date mailed for the processing of your 2012 return.

  40. Denise says:

    I filed my 2013 along with my 2014,2015,and 2016 tax returns electronically March 24,2017.I have received the refunds for all the prior years except 2013.Have the 2013 refunds been mail out yet? How long will it take before I receive my 2013 refund? Thank yoh

    • admin says:

      For all prior tax year return statuses, you must contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Once your tax return is received, processed, and accepted by the IRS, only they can inform you of any updates on your refund.

  41. Saeedah says:

    So I filed my 2015 state & federal tax return and never got it. I filed my 2016 return and got federal refund but not my state then in April I got a letter asking for my tax return and my children social security cards what should I do?

    • admin says:

      It would be best to contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 first to ensure that they have never received your 2015 Federal Tax return. You will also need to get in contact with your state as well. If the letter is from the IRS or State you will need to respond back to their correspondence with you and follow their instructions. However, first ensure that the address that you are sending your information to is, in fact, the IRS address.

  42. Jenny says:

    I efile 2015 but haven’t received the refund yet. How do i check the status? And what should I do? Thanks.

  43. Cathy Hunter says:

    I too am waiting on 2015 refund. I received a letter stating they needed an additional 45 days. Can you explain that ?

    • admin says:

      If the IRS has corresponded with you through a letter, you will need to follow the instructions that they have given you. It is not unusual for the IRS to request additional time to process your return if needed.

  44. Mike Lessard says:

    Hello. I just filed my 2015 tax returns. I am trying to get a house loan, and was wondering if there is a way I can just get the 1040 form quicker to give the loan officer, or if I can check on the status to make sure I did it correctly? I’m not sure I did it correctly, and basically, I don’t care about getting money back, I just need proof of my 2015 taxes to show my loan officer. What can I do to make sure this happens the fastest way possible? Thank you!

    • admin says:

      YOu will need to first verify with your loan officer as to whether they need a copy of your 2015 tax return forms or a tax return transcript. If they are requesting a transcript, you will need to wait until the IRS has processed your return, accepted it, and then contact them for further instructions on how to retrieve a transcript for your loan. You can also visit the IRS website provided once you have confirmed that your return was fully processed by the IRS.

  45. Martha says:

    I need to file my 2014 taxes. When they were originally due, I had a tax offset for a student loan. That has since been taken care of and I am able to receive my refunds now. Will the IRS look at previous years offsets or current offsets to determine if I should receive my refund for 2014?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Martha,

      The deadline to file a 2014 tax return was April 15, 2015. The deadline to claim a tax refund for a 2014 tax return is April 15, 2018. The IRS may take into account previous years, however you would have to confirm this directly with the IRS.

  46. Gerardo Ochoa says:

    Okay hi everybody okay I wanted to know if my friend ended up giving his taxes for 2014 and 2015 he filed for them they told him that they did not accept the 2013 switch is okay so they said they’re going to send a check for 2014 and 2015 and he put the address down and the lady that lives there told him that that money is is lost or something like that because she said she hasn’t gotten anything through the mail now is there any way that I can find out if those can get recent to me and where do I go

    • admin says:

      Verify the mailing address and contact the IRS to check the refund status and dispute this information.

  47. STEWART R. DAMAN says:


    • admin says:

      Find the refund amount based on the copy of the tax return, contact the tax preparer, or contact the IRS. Locate the bank for the account and contact them regarding your refund.

  48. Brandi says:

    I filed my 2016 taxes December 30th 2017 how long does it take to be processed ? the tax preparer states she e filed the return but all the things that I am reading regarding prior year taxes states that you have to mail prior year taxes and they can not be e filed., iam not sure now what my tax preparer did efile or mailed … is it possible that she did e file my 2016 tax return. how an I know if she efiled it and it was sent ? I did get approved for a extension until October 2017 but due to the hurricanes in flordia and where I live we were declared a disaster area. when will they start processing prior year taxes for 2016 for flordia. if I filed 12-30-17 will they automatically start processing them and when ?

    • admin says:

      It is possible that your return was filed based on the Tax Relief for Victims of Hurricane. You can always contact the IRS for an update on your tax return’s status.

  49. Sue says:

    I have been out of the country for almost a year. My CPA has Power of Attorney to file my tax returns. Before leaving the country I supplied the info necessary to file the 2016 return. I am FAR away and have emailed to ask if the return was filed and whether or not there were any questions or problems – no reply from the CPA. I even asked the property manager who is watching my house to call my CPA’s office and make the inquiry as well – this was done, but still not reply.

    Any suggestions on what I can do? If the return was not filed what actions do I need to take when I return to the US?

    • admin says:

      Check your status on the IRS website or contact the IRS to inquire if you return was filed or not. Otherwise, you can file at your earliest convenience by obtaining an IRS transcript or when you return. If you have a tax due and you will be responsible for late fees and penalties.

  50. Ruth Imelda Morales says:

    I wanting to no how do get my state refund from last year the had denied me because itook a little longer to send info they needed

  51. Derenda Muston says:

    I filed my taxes for tax year 2015 and never received anything no return no letter for reason why nothing I have tried numerous times to contact and find out answers and have got nowhere I would like to know what I could do to find out some answers

  52. Momoi says:

    I filed for my 2016 taxes (by mail) in Feb 2017 and after 8 weeks of not having a status on my return and not being able to get a hold of a person to talk to when calling IRS, I resent everything with a note stating that I’m re-sending my paperwork not knowing if it was received, when I originally sent the first one & that nothing was changed on my return. Couple days after I got my state.

    Aug 2017 I got a letter from IRS that they got the duplicate & I responded back on Feb 2018 with a letter explaining everything again. It’s been 6 weeks since they got it and I called checking on my status & was able to speak someone…they said it was approved but the credit will be applied to my 2017 taxes which I’m also waiting on. What does that mean? I’m supposed to be getting $5515 for my 2016 taxes.

  53. Sharon Jacobs says:

    I filed a joint claim on 2016 for my 2015 return online and it was accepted a few days after filling, but I never received my refund in my checking account and I was really disappointed and I still am.

  54. Robert L. Peniston ,JR. says:

    I’M trying to find out what happened to my 2016 tax refund . I filed my 2017 and 2016 at the same time. I”ve received my refund for 2017, just wondering why I haven’t received my 2016 refund yet’

  55. Gerard Doris says:

    Hi. I have recently caught up on filing all my taxes. From 2012-2016 i mailed them and got a confirmation they recieved them on March 1st. How do i check to see whats the status on my taxes. I haven’t recieved anything regarding any of my previous taxes.

  56. Jennifer Redmond says:

    I have filed my 2016 taxes and my 2017 I got all of my 2017 taxes and my 2016 state taxes but I have yet to receive my 2016 federal refund I filed in February had to call I April and still have not received my federal back yet they said up to 9 weeks and I have 1 more week until it’s been 9 weeks just was wondering if there was anyway to let me know what’s going on with my federal 2016 refund of $1,024??

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    Thannk you so much and I am having a look forward to contact you.
    Willl you kindly drop mee a mail?

  58. M Q GALSIM says:

    I never received my 2016 IRS Refund. When I called them no one can give me a valid reason on what happened to it. Its so frustrating when the IRS workers can’t give you a valid reason of what happened to my refund. They just kept telling me to call different numbers which I did and still no one can tell me what happened. Do you know who can help me with this issue from the IRS?

  59. Linda sizemore says:

    I filed my old taxes for 2016 and 2017 taxes I recieved 2017 but not 2016 how can I get the status of my return I have tried all the websites

    • Manisha Hansraj says:

      Hello Linda,
      You will need to contact the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040 with your filing status, refund amount, and social security number at hand to determine the status of your 2016 refund.

  60. Ramon Eastman says:

    I filed my 2018 2017 2016 taxes this year…i had to do identity verification on all three years…all three were approved on may 29th 2019..ive recieved 2018 direct deposit….what about 2017 2016?

    • Manisha Hansraj says:

      Hello Ramon,
      For statuses of prior year refunds, you will need to contact the IRS directly at 1800-829-1040 to speak to a representative. Have your social security number, filing status and refund amount at hand.

  61. Diana says:

    Hello i just filed my 2013 taxes since my 2019 have been held. How long should I wait till they give me my refund i should have also received a refund in 2013

    • Manisha Hansraj says:

      You can no longer receive a refund for 2013. You can only receive refunds going back three years from the original tax deadline. The only tax refunds you can claim right now are 2016, 2017 and 2018. The last day to claim your 2016 refund is April 15, 2020.

  62. Donnie Wayne Elliott Riley says:
    I filled my 2017 tax return 4/12/18 as h.o.h. with a $5956.00 return. I received a 4883c letter from them (identity theft). I have received my 2018 return but still haven’t gotten my 2017. I last spoke with a agent on 6/10/2020 and was told that the check would be mailed in 6 – 9 weeks. Can I please find out what is going on with my refund

    • Manisha Hansraj says:

      Hello Donnie,
      We are not the IRS. You will need to contact them to speak to a representative regarding your tax situation at 1800-829-1040.

  63. Matthew says:

    How can I get a accepted tax return letter when I mailed off prior tax return with payment? I need it because I’m closing on a house and need to show proof I file and paid 2019 taxes my money order was cashed

  64. Valerie says:

    I submitted a correction for my rejected tax return, 10 days ago and i keep leaving messages asking if it was efiled successfully noone has responded. I tried contacting the customer service number but unfortunely it is a automated machine which keeps giving the same options.

  65. Jane Fiesta says:

    I have filed my 2018 ,2019, and 2020, tax return in March by mail. How long does it take to get a refund? I got my 2021 tax return and because I have e-file and received the refund 2 after in March.

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