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Posted by on March 7, 2022
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Easy Free Tax Filing and Simple Tax Filing on

When tax documents start to appear in our inboxes and pile up in our mailboxes, that can only mean one thing – the 2022 tax season is upon us. The 2022 tax filing season began on January 24th, when the IRS began to accept 2021 tax returns, so what can you do to ensure a simple and easy tax filing season this year through

What to prep in advance for easy tax filing and simple tax filing with ?

PriorTax simplifies your tax filing, making easy tax filing possible. Otherwise you’ll want to have all of the relevant documents close to hand – either hard copies or PDFs will work, whichever is easier for you. So, do be sure to save all of those documents that you have been receiving via email and regular mail.

Remember that the primary purpose of gathering up all these documents is to ensure that you have all of your income information for 2021 to hand in order to accurately prepare your tax returns. This helps to minimize your tax bill and maximize your tax refund if you are owed one.

easy tax filing
easy tax filing

Depending on your financial and employment situation, your relevant documents should include two broad categories:

  • W-2 Forms that will detail information concerning your salaries, wages, and tips that you earn as an employee
  • 10099 Forms that will detail information concerning other sources of income. These are self-employment income and earnings like interest or dividends from banking and investment accounts

In addition to paperwork and information related to your income and expenses last year..

You’ll want to make sure that you have the following personal information:

  • Social Security and/or Taxpayer Identification Numbers as well as Birthdates for yourself, your spouse, and, if you have any, your dependents
  • Your Bank Account Number and Routing Number to receive your tax refund via direct deposit. (The IRS recommends filing electronically with direct deposit details to ensure an accurate return and quick refund processing.)

Easy Free Tax Filing for Single Filers Under 21

For those under 21 years old who need to prepare tax returns and are either single filers or married and filing separately, offers a Free Basic Package for current year filing. This package can be an excellent choice for those who may be new to needing to file their tax return. Whether because you recently started your first job and/or started college.

The Basic Package uses’s easy-to-use web application to help guide you through the process of submitting information about your

  • Wages,
  • Unemployment,
  • Interest,
  • and/or Dividends.

In addition, if applicable, this package can help you claim the Education Credit and/or Earned Income Credit (for filers without dependents). This ensures that you take advantage of credits available to you. This will help minimize your tax bill and maximize any tax refund you might receive.

If you’re currently in higher education, the Education Credit can help to reduce your tax bill. As an added benefit, if claiming the credit reduces your tax bill to less than zero, you may receive a refund on any taxes that were withheld from your paychecks in 2021.

You can claim an Education Credit when filing if you fulfill these requirements:

  • You or the 3rd party (family or friends) pay expenses related to your education (tuition, mandatory enrollment fees, and required course materials)
  • Enrolled at an eligible educational institution
  • The eligible student is listed on your tax return

The IRS doesn’t allow you to claim an Education Credit if you are listed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return. (Although they may be eligible to claim the credit on their return). College students can benefit from this credit by preparing and filing their tax return as single filers. PriorTax has a process that the Basic Package web application was designed to guide you through. 

More Simple Free tax filing options when you have easy tax filing obligations.

Even if your financial situation doesn’t allow you to take advantage of’s Basic Package, don’t worry. There are still free tax filing options available to you. Visit the IRS’s website to take advantage of two options from the IRS Free File program.

If your adjusted gross income in 2021 was $73,000 or less, you could qualify for free guided tax preparation offers that will help you to prepare and file your federal tax return. And sometimes your state tax return too, for free. Use the PriorTax Customer Service to either inquire this year’s offers or to answer a few questions. IRS also provides Online Lookup Tool to receive a list of relevant offers. (Please note, with complicated IRS filing remember to create your account by accessing the IRS Free File provider’s website from the IRS website. This is to take advantage of the IRS Free File offer. The Free File program and commercial tax preparation offers from these providers are separate and not interchangeable.)

If your adjusted gross income in 2021 was more than $73,000 or you prefer to fill out and file taxes yourself, you can use the IRS’ Free File Fillable Forms. This option is available to all income levels. It provides free electronic forms for you to file out and file yourself. However, you’ll need to be comfortable using IRS forms, instructions, and publications as this option won’t offer any tax preparation guidance and only limited calculations.

PriorTax Top Tax Professional Support and Tax Packages for Easy Tax Filing

Looking for more assistance with your tax returns than Free File Fillable Forms can provide? If you don’t qualify for an IRS Free File Offer, consider one of the affordable and easy-to-use tax filing options at Like those free tax filing options, the easy-to-use web application works by asking you to answer simple questions regarding your work and financial situation and doing all the math for you. In addition to several different tiers of packages, you can either choose Complete Additional Services as a package. Or individually select additional services so that you only pay for what you need.

This tax season, visit for easy tax filing and essential tax tips. We’re here to help with a range of resources and services to help you file your taxes. We can help whether you’re a student with simple tax filing obligations in need of our Basic Package to claim education credits on your return this year or you have a wide portfolio of business. It can also be personal income that could benefit from our Platinum Package and for any tax situation in between.

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